Business trip or taking a holiday away from home, Eske Style hopes that services offered in New Zealand will cater for your needs.

Transportation & Travel

By road, rail, air or sea, New Zealand has the services necessary for the movement of people or goods, throughout the country or internationally.

Alternative Health

Offers individuals the opportunity to achieve maximum health, vitality and longevity by using natural remedies


New Zealand is a highly technologically aware nation, which welcomes investment in a wide range of opportunities in New Zealand.

Real Estate

New Zealand has some of the most scenic and unpopulated land in the world, making it an attractive piece of paradise that visitors would like to buy into.


Council, community and regional tourist organisations supply local information bureaus, that providel information about New Zealand

Money Travellers Cheques & Exchange

Foreign currency can be exchanged at banks, most hotels and bureau change kiosks, which are found at international airports and most city centres.

Health Professionals

Health professionals in New Zealand have world standing,with extensive knowledge and experience in their fields.