General Information

Approximately 90 minutes south of Auckland, east of Tauranga and Rotorua. Hamilton, heart of the Waikato, is one of the richest agricultural and pastoral areas in the world, and is the largest inland city in New Zealand. The city is a vibrant place enjoying the benefits of rapid growth.
The Hamilton International Airport connects to all popular destinations around the country and is only 14km south of Hamilton.

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Garden Place.
Inner City Garden Place one of many places to relax.

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Hamilton has many excellent attractions, providing visitors with a wide range of beautiful, natural areas to enjoy.
The beautiful Hamilton Gardens are designed to portray garden layouts found in other countries like Japan, Italy and India, just to name a few.
Hamilton Zoo is situated on 25ha of beautifully landscaped grounds and is home to over 400 exotic and native birds, mammals and reptiles displayed in natural surroundings.
You can take a scenic ride on the Waipa Delta along the Waikato River while dining. The M.V Waipa Delta offers a variety of cruises along New Zealand’s longest river, the Waikato. Conveniently located in central Hamilton, New Zealand, the M.V Waipa Delta can provide morning and afternoon teas, a buffet style lunch or cocktails, dinner and drinks.
Above are only a few attractions that Hamilton has to offer.


Originally called Kirikiriroa when the first Māori inhabited the region, it was later renamed Hamilton after Captain John Charles Hamilton, the popular commander of HMS Esk, who was killed in the battle of Gate Pa, Tauranga.

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The Farming Family Sculpture.
This sculpture commemorates the ordinary farming family as the unsung heroes of our first 150 years.

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There is a large range of activities that Hamilton offers, from Waterworld, which features a hydroslide, indoor and outdoor pools and mini golf. At night, get out and enjoy Hamilton’s vibrant night life, with its vast array of bars and night clubs.

Hamilton Skyline View.

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Shopping as it should be, ‘close at hand.’ Hamilton City’s networks of shopping outlets are all central, making it comfortable and pleasurable to do all the shopping at one time.

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Hamilton is situated in the North Island , and the centre of the Waikato, one of the world’s best agricultural regions. Hamilton has the country’s two busiest railway lines – the North Island Main Trunk line and the East Coast Main Trunk line.

MV Waipa Delta.
The paddle steamer MV Waipa Delta cruising on the mighty Waikato River