General Information

Pahi is a small picturesque seaside settlement on the Kaipara Harbour , offering you great views of the harbour. It is the most popular place to launch your boat for leisure fishing or cruising in and around the Kaipara Harbour. Local clubs often hold regattas here.
Pahi, Kaipara, North Island, New Zealand
Pahi wharf
Attractions and Activities

Pahi is a great place for the family and friends to enjoy all water activities.
Fishing off the wharf is safe, and may reward you with snapper, kahawai or small sprats. New Zealand green lipped mussels and Pacific oysters can be picked at low tide.

You can see the renowned Moreton Bay Fig tree, one of the finest specimens of its type in the world. It was planted about 1850 and is among one of New Zealand’s 10 most notable trees. It can be seen in the public reserve.
Moreton Bay Fig Tree, Kaipara, New Zealand
Moreton Bay Fig Tree
Pahi, Kaipara, North island, New Zealand
Pahi recreational area
Maori Translation

Pahi has many meanings.
A large sea going canoe , expedition, slave, person of low birth, irritation of the skin due to eating certain fish, ended and brought to a conclusion.
It maybe that when the Māori came here on their large Waka (canoe), during one of their expeditions, a slave may have eaten the fish, which gave them skin irritations. This may have ended some of their lives bringing it to a conclusion, hence the name Pahi.

Pahi Beach, Kaipara, North Island, New Zealand
Pahi Beach


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