General Information

Whatuwhiwhi is located in Doubtless Bay, which is situated on the east coast of the Far North of New Zealand. The bay has a warm sub-tropical climate, with over 70km of unspoiled coastline, and an abundance of beautiful beaches. Doubtless Bay on the Pacific Ocean is a holiday paradise, making it an ideal base for a holiday in Northland of New Zealand. One of these beaches is at Whatuwhiwhi on the Northern end of Doubtless Bay. 1Whatuwhiwhi offers spectacular views. On south side you can see out over Doubtless Bay to 3 Mangonui, and on the northern side, views over 2 Karikari and 5 Rangaunu Bays to 4 Houhora Heads.

Attractions and Activities

Fishing in this area is superb, especially noted for its deep-sea fishing, chasing the big game fish such as Marlin, tuna and shark. The most world records for striped marlin were established off the tip of the Karikari Peninsula. You can fish by boat using your own or charter, many of the local fisherman operate professional charters. A great way to experience the best fishing Karikari Peninsula or Doubtless Bay has to offer, land-based fishing from the rocks or beach where fish, like Kingfish, Snapper, Gurnard and Kahawai are to be caught. At the end of November the yearlyWorld Kitefishing Klassicis held at Whatuwhihwhi. Another form of boating is kayaking for leisure, or use as a platform for snorkelling or scuba diving. All your diving needs can be met by A to Z, a dive company based at Whatuwhiwhi.

Crustaceans and shellfish found are the Red and Packhorse crayfish, with tua tuas plentiful at low tide. The water is Whatuwhiwhis backyard, so you can take a leisurely swim or simply soak up the rays of the sun, on the sands of the beach.

With many estuaries in the locality, providing an important environment for wading and other rare and common birds – New Zealand-dotterel, bittern, caspion turn, New Zealand-fernbird, New Zealand-pipit, oystercatchers, chaffinch, and the pied stilt to name a few.

Striped Marlin

Striped Marlin (Tetrapturus) grow to their greatest size, in the food-rich coastal waters at the top of the North Island, where they are most abundant. The Striped Marlins colour is dark blue above, with pale blue stripes. The slender bill, high dorsal lobe and the straight rear edge of the pectoral fin are distinguishing features. New Zealand striped marlin are the largest in the world, with a world record for striped marlin of 224kg for a fish caught in the north in 1986. The fish mainly weigh ninety to one hundred kilos, and about seventy-five percent of marlin are tagged and released. Billfish such as striped marlin are very territorial and will charge a whale swimming through their feeding grounds. A sei whale captured in 1969 had the billfish stuck deep in its throat. Each year they migrate here from spawning grounds at the equator, feeding on fish and squid which they kill with a side-to-side slash of their bill.

Popular holiday spot at Whatuwhiwhi and the Karikari Peninsula. Far North, North Island, New Zealand
Whatuwhiwhi, Far North, New Zealand
Whatuwhiwhi is a popular holiday spot and is the major settlement on the Karikari Peninsula.


Whatuwhiwhi is the major settlement on the Peninsula, where you will find a shop, for all your grocery needs, service station, liquor wholesale and a takeaway.

Maori Translations

1 Whatuwhiwhi;
Whatu – weave baskets
Whiwhi – can, be able
2 Karikari – to strip off or dig
3 Mangonui – big shark
4 Houhora – feather, scatter over a surface
5 Rangaunu– shoal of fish, to pull out.